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About two years ago, I embarked on my entrepreneurial journey thinking my experience in the corporate and banking world for over 20 years would be enough to prepare me for what I was about to dive into. How little did I know 😊


Building and managing a business is one of the most enjoyable things anyone can do in life. Yet, it can be very overwhelming and challenging especially in the early stages, and especially so for women who have a family to take care of.


Succeeding in setting up and growing your business while managing your personal life requires a well-rounded set of skills and tools covering your mental, physical, technical and social mojo. And a lot of magical habits that help you manage your time and efficiency.

For the longest time, I’ve had this burning desire to share my journey and business experiences through a blog of my own, but I kept on postponing it fearing it would affect my other two priorities.    

But I've discovered that when we share what we know, we expand our experiences even further especially when we open online and offline channels to exchange and learn from each other. 

And so finally, here I am with   

I'll be providing business and personal development resources for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs in the form of blogs, book summaries, easy-to-use downloadable templates, and online courses. These tools and resources will be curated and developed from on my own experiences in the corporate and startup world as well as from well-known experts around the world.

I hope you enjoy and find it useful. 

Lama Haj Ibrahim

Founder |

Entrepreneur | Strategy, Innovation & Finance Consultant| Blogger

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If you have any questions regarding a published resource or would like to explore collaboration opportunities, I'm happy to answer your queries. You can reach me by filling in the form provided below, on my social media accounts or via email:

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